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On the Leading Edge

A soldier-statesman. A management guru. An astronaut. An entrepreneur. The spring 2007 Bloomberg Leadership Series drew an eclectic mix of leaders to the School to give their insights on what it takes to motivate people and accomplish goals. Read the complete stories:

Hazy Forecast"To be a good leader, you have to make sure that you move people to the point that your passion is their passion, that your goals are their goals." —Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, April 4

Genetics and Insurance"In its most noble form, leadership is about influence, specifically influencing people to make choices." —Astronaut Robert L. Satcher, February 28

Tom Peters"What you do for a living is political. You don't accomplish a damn thing in this world unless you're a fabulous salesperson." —In Search of Excellence author Tom Peters, April 2

Morgan O'Brien"There are times when your addiction to success and your exaggerated fear of failure are holding you back." —Nextel founder Morgan O'Brien, April 17

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